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Melville Electronic Library - a critical archive


Since John barrymore as Ahab the revival of interest in Melville in the 1920s, writers and artists have adapted his writings to various forms: children’s adaptations, abridgments, and comic books; illustrated editions; stage, radio, television, and screen plays; renderings in the fine arts; and musical adaptations from Rock to Opera.

In our Adaptation room, we will assemble these materials. Our text and image annotation tool, titled Melville ReMix and currently in the planning stage, will allow users to link sources and Melville texts to identifiable segments from MEL’s collection of adaptations.

One proposed project for developing protocols for editing adaptation and integrating adaptive versions with MEL editions of Melville originals is to focus on Ray Bradbury’s screenplay for John Huston’s film Moby Dick.

Gregory Peck as Ahab in John Huston’s 1955 film, Moby Dick. In this version, Ahab dies in the manner of Fedallah in the novel. Classics Illustrated's Version of Ahab’s Demise Fedallah's Demise Talise Trevigne as Pip. Moby-Dick, the opera by Jake Heggie and Gene Scheer.