Melville Electronic Library

A Critical Archive

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MEL’s Archive gives you direct access to our entire collection of digital images and texts.  We use Text images (of manuscripts and book pages) to transcribe and edit Melville’s works for our Editions.  We use images of Artworks, Persons, Places, Events, and Maps to annotate our MEL editions.  The MEL Archive also contains materials related to Melville’s Art Print Collection, Adaptation (such as Bradbury and Huston’s film Moby Dick), Melville’s Sources (such as found in our affiliated site Melville’s Marginalia Online), Biography (such as family correspondence or Augusta Melville’s school compositions), and Secondary Bibliography.  The archive also houses our MEL Toolkit, which includes tools for editing (TextLab and Juxta Editions), metadata (MELCat), mapping Melville’s travels (Itinerary), and annotation (Annotation Studio).