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Versions of Battle-Pieces: Author's Copies


Battle Pieces Leaf

elville's revisions appear in two physical versions of Battle-Pieces, both located at Harvard's Houghton Library and designated Copy A and Copy C. The former is a personal copy of the book with several check marks in the table of contents and three revisions, on pages 23, 27, and 129. Copy C is a bound set of pages for proofing, or as Melville's wife put it in her inscription on the front binder's leaf: "'Revised' sheets—with / Herman's corrections." According the the NN edition of Melville's Published Poems, these pages contain changes at 49 points in the book (584).

In the side-by-side display below, the pull-down beneath each frame is a table of contents of poems.  Pages with penciled inscriptions are also given and noted with an asterisk [*].


Melville's Battle-Pieces / Copy A: Post-publication Revisions / Houghton Library. Harvard University

Melville's Battle-Pieces / Copy C: Bound Revised Sheets / Houghton Library. Harvard University