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Periodically, MEL associates gather, usually at Hofstra University, for a day-long conference to plan and shape the Melville Electronic Library. Our agenda typically includes progress reports, presentations on technological developments, IT workshops, and small work groups to organize rooms, assign work, and coordinate schedules. Click on links to download agendas, minutes, reports, and other information related to each gathering.  In the photos, use your mouse to identify participants.

MELCamp5: MIT; April 30 to May 2, 2015

MELCamp4: Texas A&M; March 25-27, 2013

Joe Meyer Kit Ohge Haskell Springer Dennis Berthold Steven Olsen-Smith Laura Lopez Pena Ayse Gursoy Mary K. Bercaw Edwards John Bryant Nick Laiacona Joaquin Terrones Tony McGowan Bob Madison John Walsh Mary Isbell Wyn Kelley Jack Wenke Tim Marr Chris Sten Dawn Coleman Bob Wallace Kevin Pechin Brian Yothers Brian Ferris
Front row (left to right): Joe Meyer, Kit Ohge, Haskell Springer, Dennis Berthold, Steven Olsen-Smith, Laura Lopez Pena, Ayse Gursoy,
Mary K. Bercaw Edwards, John Bryant, Nick Laiacona, and Joaquin Terrones.
Second row (left to right): Tony McGowan, Bob Madison, John Walsh, Mary Isbell, Wyn Kelley, Jack Wenke, Tim Marr, Chris Sten,
Dawn Coleman, Bob Wallace, Kevin Pechin, Brian Yothers, and Brian Ferris.

MELCamp3: MIT; October 13-15, 2011

MELCamp2: Hofstra; April 23-24, 2010

Dennis Berthold Mary K. Bercaw Edwards Les Harrison Christopher Ohge Marta Werner John Bryant Kenneth Price Chris Sten Wesley Raabe Tony McGowan Wyn Kelley Timothy Marr Robert Sandberg Brett Barney Robert Wallace Steven Olsen-Smith Greg Murray Jack Wenke
Front row (left to right): Dennis Berthold, Mary K. Bercaw Edwards, Les Harrison, Christopher Ohge, Marta Werner, John Bryant, and Kenneth Price.
Back row: Chris Sten, Wesley Raabe, Tony McGowan, Wyn Kelley, Timothy Marr, Robert Sandberg, Brett Barney, Robert Wallace, Steven Olsen-Smith, Greg Murray, and Jack Wenke.

MELCamp1: Hofstra; October 23-24, 2008

John Bryant Les Harrison Dennis Berthold Mary K. Bercaw Edwards Steven Olsen-Smith Wyn Kelley Robert Wallace Sam Otter Robert Levine Chris Sten Robert Sandberg G. Thomas Tanselle Judith Tabron Jack Wenke Brett Barney Peter Norberg Tony McGowan Timothy Marr Wes Raabe Robert Madison
Front row (left to right): John Bryant, Les Harrison, Dennis Berthold, Mary K. Bercaw Edwards, and Steven Olsen-Smith; Second row: Wyn Kelley, Robert Wallace, Sam Otter, Robert Levine, Chris Sten, Robert Sandberg, G. Thomas Tanselle, and Judith Tabron; Back row: Dennis Marnon [not visible], Jack Wenke [partially obscured], Brett Barney, Peter Norberg, Tony McGowan, Timothy Marr, Wes Raabe, and Robert Madison.